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Welcome to the 'Castle of Dannen'.        Get comfortable and set for awhile, and I will bring to life, past images before your eyes.  Images of the children you wondered would look like, or even perhaps you have wondered after all these years what Daneen herself looks like.   Thanks to Steve Gillespie, you have that chance to walk through my 'Gallery of Dreams'.    For most of you who knew me before the age of 24, I moved to Alaska for 14 years *smile* and I loved every bit of it..........that is until the last winter spent there and it was 75 below zero.    But again, welcome to my Castle.     You may read my library of poetry as well as look through photos.     Enjoy!!
Most of my memorabble days I would have to say were while I was in school (or rather not in school) lol.    I went to Mariner High School in Lynnwood Washington.  I also went to Olympic View Middle School, and was in the Arc and House of Good Shepherd.    If these names ring a bell with you, let me know~





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